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YH: I am dancing king in cnblue
YH: like… like oshur (usher)
…like neyo
…like krees vrown (chris brown)
YH: I’m da best
JS: this is crazy
YH: this is shocking ok

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         Yonghwa / Jonghyun / Minhyuk / Jungshin

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7/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → hyukstal: favorite moments of chanyoung & bona in heirs ღ

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[COMIC] Kissing time w/BIGBANG by Rory (English ver) 
#Seungri #GD # TOP #Taeyang #Daesung

Thank u so much to arwenchoi, xxrexieswh and turtlehyung for always being there for me and help me with translates :) <3

[Spanish VER]

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bless the followers who tolerate your 95% fandom posts that aren’t even their fandom

1/ - Sh*t CNBLUE Says: Jung Yonghwa: (After spending a whole day with Infinite’s L) “Your name’s Myungsoo?”

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2/ - Sh*t CNBLUE Says: Lee Jungshin: “I like books but not reading.”

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3/ - Sh*t CNBLUE Says: Lee Jonghyun: “When I was a child I couldn’t eat oyster, so my father forced an oyster into my mouth. I cried cos I thought I would die. Then I smashed a mirror with my head. I bled.”

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4/ - Sh*t CNBLUE Says: Kang Minhyuk: “Vrooooooooom~”

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5/ - Sh*t CNBLUE Says: Jung Yonghwa: “Are you understand?”

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